Immunosuppressants Bayesian Dose Adjustment


LIMOGES, Monday May 4, 2015 






The ISBA website is 10 years old!


The ISBA website was launched in April 2005 and celebrated its 10th anniversary last month.

This would not have been possible without you, our "customers", who have trusted us since the beginning.


¤ 121 transplantation facilities:

No less than 121 different clinical departments, mostly involved in solid organ transplantation, have sent us at least one dose adlustment request. They are located on 6 continents or sub-continents.



¤ An average of 800 requests per month posted on ISBA:



¤ 197 different Bayesian estimators...

In line with our understanding of precision medicine, the ISBA website propose dose adjustment tools adapted to your patient profile, based on a panel of 197 different Bayesian estimators, for the different immunosuppressants, transplanted organ or other conditions, drug associations, etc.



¤ ... for a large panel of organ transplant conditions and auto-immune diseases:

80% of the requests concerned MMF in adult kidney transplant recipients and, at the other end of the spectrum, 5% concerned auto-immune diseases.





¤ Finally and most importantly for patient care, results have all been validated by trained pharmacologists and made available after a median time [25-75th percentiles] of 56 minutes!






Thank you for your trust!



The TDM Team



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